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There are occasions where a business requires a CFO to help their growth and stability, but hiring a full-time person to bring into the company may be out of their financial ability. In these cases, outsourcing CFO services is the solution. FShad CPA can provide you with outsourced CFO services on a contract basis to fit your company’s needs. These services can be used on an ongoing basis of set hours over each month or other time frame, through a certain number of hours, or for a set event or need. This makes it possible to have a CFO guide your next expansion, a fundraiser, when creating a new budget or forecasts, without hiring a full-time employee.

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Chief Financial Officers are responsible for most of the financial parts of a business.

They form the budgets, create the forecasts of income and expenses, help to guide stock sale choices or raising funds for the business.

While these activities are vital to any business, it can be out of reach of smaller or new businesses to hire a full-time professional CFO, leaving others with less expertise to make those choices and track the business’s financial flow.

As a business or corporation grows, it will become more challenging to maintain all the jobs necessary with smaller staff, and the decisions will become more complicated with more considerations, making it worthwhile to have the opinion and guidance of a professional CFO with the necessary experience.

Business growth is often dependant upon new ideas, and new ideas are often found from outside sources.

A person from outside of the company may have a fresh perspective on the business, and it’s progress, allowing for a different view of what might be needed to move it forward, and may have different education and experience that can lead to alternative paths and recommendations.

By having a CFO available on a contract basis, they can see the business from their own perspective based on time, training, and experience, bringing many new ideas to the situation.

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Certain times and events may arrive that business owners may feel unprepared for or will benefit from an outside consultation. This can include ways to bring in more investors or income, a new budget based upon new prospects or even requiring a set of forecasts on which to base their next budget or next move forward. By using an outsourced CFO, such as Faiq Shad at FShad CPA Profession Corporation, a business can have access to the services of an experienced CFO more affordably than hiring a full-time officer. Flexibility in business can be a great asset, and the flexibility of outsourced CFO services is one way to fulfill a business short term needs without a long term investment.

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