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Corporate Taxation & Advisory

Our team of Chartered Professional Accountants will help your company succeed in any project you throw at them. We can provide the full range of business consulting services to meet all your needs no matter what industry you are in, from marketing strategy development to operational analysis. You name it! At FShad CPA we have over 5 years of experience analyzing businesses across a wide variety of industries with expertise ranging from developing market strategies for small-to-medium-sized enterprises that need an edge against their competition, assisting large corporations looking into mergers or acquisitions by compiling data on competitors’ performance information – this is just one example among many others where our knowledge comes handy as consultants when needed most.

Leave your year-end tax duties to us

Relax, we’ve got your year-end accounting covered. There’s no need for it to loom over you – we thrive on it, and we’re experts at it. Let us take care of your corporate tax, GST/HST, PST, and RST filings, all on your schedule. The only surprises you’ll encounter here are crystal-clear communication, efficient filing, and punctual financial reporting. And if you’re eager to learn, we’ll gladly show you how it all works.

How about some clear and meaningful statements?

We customize financial statements to fit your business like a glove. They’re straightforward, comprehensive, and always relevant and provided to you all in one package. We’re here to answer your questions in plain language, no jargon in sight.

Worry not, we've got your corporate tax returns covered,
right on time!

We’re your early bird, so you can skip the worm and move onto the bacon (veggie-style if that’s more your thing). With our on-time returns, you’ll know what you owe and where you stand. Again, we’ll walk you through the process if you’re keen to learn more.

Game changing tax planning

Ready to maximize your profits? Our optional tax planning lays out the full picture. Year-end is the perfect time for reflection, visioning, and crafting a juicy plan for the future. Let’s sit down and discuss your goals and the reality you’re aiming for.

Discover your next move with us.

Now, let’s chart your next course. We’re passionate about business goals and strategy As fellow entrepreneurs, we’d be delighted to help streamline your business and identify your next steps.

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