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Accounting System Setup

Our team of Chartered Professional Accountants will help your company succeed in any project you throw at them. We can provide the full range of business consulting services to meet all your needs no matter what industry you are in, from marketing strategy development to operational analysis. You name it! At FShad CPA we have over 5 years of experience analyzing businesses across a wide variety of industries with expertise ranging from developing market strategies for small-to-medium-sized enterprises that need an edge against their competition, assisting large corporations looking into mergers or acquisitions by compiling data on competitors’ performance information – this is just one example among many others where our knowledge comes handy as consultants when needed most.

It’s the system you needed!

With the correct system and assistance, your operations can become highly efficient. In a market flooded with various cloud-based software choices, it can be overwhelming to make the initial move or revisit your options. We’ve undertaken the groundwork for you, handling everything from POS and inventory management to profitability tracking, Shopify integration, and payroll software. Allow us to handle the setup for you.

Automate, Automate, Auomate it all

What if you could have a bookkeeping system that effortlessly imports all of your transactions directly from your online banking? Automated bookkeeping not only boosts efficiency but also reduces the hours you or your bookkeeper dedicate to manual receipt entry. Simplify your operations, and ensure you never overlook a tax deduction.

Designed to scale with you

As your business expands, its accounting demands evolve and may necessitate adjustments. We’re here to guide you in making informed decisions to meet the evolving needs of your small business. Whether it’s seamlessly integrating your Shopify store, managing inventory, or handling subscriber payments or simple invoicing, we ensure your setup is spot on from the very beginning.

Quickbooks Online (QBO)

QuickBooks Online, our preferred cloud-based accounting software, combines simplicity and robust features. Accelerate your bookkeeping process, access it from any location and device, ensuring real-time updates. Let’s streamline your bookkeeping to save time and enable smooth scalability as your business expands. We’d be delighted to demonstrate why QuickBooks Online is our preferred choice for accounting software.

Dext (previously ReceiptBank)

We opt for Dext as a secure platform for electronic receipt storage. Simply snap a photo or email an image of your receipt, and Dext takes care of the rest—it’s truly remarkable. Say hello to optical character recognition, or OCR for those who appreciate initialisms

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