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Tax Deductibles

how to use gst hst to save on taxes

How To Use the GST/HST to Save on Taxes? Quick Method

Table of Contents What is the Quick Method for GST/HST Purposes?Who is eligible to elect the Quick Method? Quick Method in Action1) Regular Method 2) Quick MethodFAQContact FShad CPA Today for More Information Article’s Key Takeaways: Electing to use the Quick Method may create opportunities for tax

Are Moving Expenses Tax Deductible?

Every year, many Canadians move their primary residences for a new job, start a business, or full-time post-secondary education. Relocation for many individuals can cause a lot of stress, unforeseen changes, and unexpected expenses. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) states that you can claim certain


4 Tax Write-Offs and Deductions for Small Businesses in Ontario

Key Takeaways: Business owners can significantly reduce their tax payments by claiming deductions on their ongoing expenses Some of the most common tax write-offs include office expenses, car expenses, capital assets, and general operating expenses It’s useful to work with a professional to know what

Home office expenses

Can I Deduct My Home Office Expenses?

Key Takeaways: There are many home office expenses that are tax-deductible and can be claimed to reduce your overall tax payments Home office expenses can include utility bills, mortgage, property taxes, etc. There are specific forms to fill out when filing taxes to claim these