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Canadian Taxes

how to use gst hst to save on taxes

How To Use the GST/HST to Save on Taxes? Quick Method

Table of Contents What is the Quick Method for GST/HST Purposes?Who is eligible to elect the Quick Method? Quick Method in Action1) Regular Method 2) Quick MethodFAQContact FShad CPA Today for More Information Article’s Key Takeaways: Electing to use the Quick Method may create opportunities for tax
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Tax Write-Offs for OnlyFans Creators

Table of Contents Common Tax-Write Offs for OnlyFans CreatorsRequirements for DocumentationNeed More Help With Your Taxes? You can make a living if you have a talent for creating content in writing, videography, photography, design, or social media. And if you're making money as a content
Capital Gains Tax Canada Vs Business Income

OnlyFans Taxes for Canadians

Curious to know how the Canadian tax system applies to OnlyFans (OF)? Generally, you are responsible for paying your portion of income tax if you have joined OnlyFans as a performer and have begun earning money. Whether making $10 or $100,000 on the site, you

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How To Properly File Self-Employed Taxes In Ontario?

Self-Employed Taxes In Ontario When you are deemed self-employed as either part of a partnership or as a sole proprietor, you need to record the company’s income/expenses relative to how much you own of the company as a part of your tax return for your

Capital Gains Tax Canada

Capital Gains Tax Canada

What Is A Capital Gain Or Capital Loss? A capital gain or loss is the difference between the purchase price of an investment and the proceeds received when it’s sold. The goal with any investment is to buy low and sell high so that you

Filing Income Tax as a Canadian Uber Driver

Filing Income Tax as a Canadian Uber Driver

Key Takeaways: Uber drivers are considered self-employed in Canada Self-employed individuals are subject to specific tax filing documents There are many deductible expenses that Uber drivers are eligible to claim, including mileage, accessories, insurance, etc. Uber drivers that make over $30,000 annually must file HST