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Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Scarborough, ON

Startups and small businesses in Scarborough deserve to grow and thrive with the help of a reputable accounting firm like FShad CPA. Most small businesses fail to reach great heights due to neglecting their books and account. This is because they might not have enough time to concentrate on them or lack enough experience to do it professionally. Another major reason is their small budgets which might not accommodate the cost of hiring a full-time accountant or bookkeeper. Whichever the case, they have to bear with the consequences thinking they have no other option.

FShad CPA is here to change this permanently for the good of small and new businesses. We offer professional accounting and bookkeeping services at competitive rates to suit small and medium budgets. You don’t have to spend a single cent setting up an office for our experts; we can offer our professional services remotely or visit your business only when you need us. This doesn’t prevent us from carrying out our professional duties to your business. We’ll assign you dedicated CPA and Bookkeepers who will always be within your reach whenever you need them.

Our digital accounting and bookkeeping solutions are popular all over Scarborough due to their convenience, efficiency, and affordability.

Call us now at (905) 605-1605 and tap into our affordable modern accounting solutions for small businesses and individuals in the GTA.

We’re Here To Help

We offer a wide range of personal and corporate accounting and bookkeeping services in Scarborough, ON. FShad CPA Firm is synonymous with high quality and speedy results. Considering FShad for your accounting and bookkeeping needs is a smart investment. Call us today at (905) 605-1605 to do your numbers right the first time and every other time you need our reliable services!

Personal Accountant

Are you looking for an affordable personal accountant in Scarborough? Look no further than FShad CPA. We have helped thousands of individuals track their personal finances and helped them make better financial decisions. We also help them do their taxes right, which is their legal duty. We file your tax returns on time to avoid penalties and interests. Our personal bookkeepers in Scarborough are ready to work remotely and keep a record of your daily activities. If you’re a busy person, we’re here to be your personal bookkeeper and accountant whenever you need us.

Our professional services to individuals in Scarborough include:

Personal Tax Returns
GST/HST Housing Rebate
Tax Credit
Financial advisory services like Estate Planning
Business Accountant

Business Accountant

Is your business in need of a reliable CPA that can work within your budget? Call FShad CPA Firm, and you’ll get assigned a Chartered Professional Accountant who will be committed to your business accounts and books. Our professional corporate bookkeeping and accounting services include:

Corporate Tax Returns
Cloud Accounting Services
Financial Statements
Professional Corporation
Estate Planning

Accounting Firm Near You in Scarborough

Our CPAs are recognized globally and are licensed to offer professional accounting services in Scarborough and neighboring areas. Whether you need us for your corporate or personal bookkeeping or accounting needs.

Why Call FShad for your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs?

We have given thousands of customers reasons to always come to us for their personal or business accounting and bookkeeping needs. Here are some:

Numbers don’t lie!

Over the 6+ years we have been operational in the GTA, we have audited over 1.7 billion dollars, served over 300 businesses in over 15 industries, and saved our customers over 18 million in tax.

We’re Flexible

We offer flexible accounting and bookkeeping services in Scarborough. We work within your budget, no matter how small or big it is. We deliver our professional services anytime and anywhere you need us. We work around your schedule to ensure maximum convenience for you.

We offer competitive prices

Our prices are reasonable. Our primary goal is to help startups, small businesses, and individuals with their bookkeeping and accounting needs. We offer affordable yet professional services tailored to your needs.
Forecasting & Budgeting

Industries we serve in Scarborough

We help businesses in most industries in Scarborough and the GTA. They include:

  • Real-estate
  • Construction
  • Freelancers
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Joint ventures
  • Partnerships
  • Music and Production Industry
  • Financial institutions
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Digital marketers
  • Independent and Self-employed

Call us today at (905) 605-1605 for professional accounting and bookkeeping solutions in Scarborough!

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