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Founding partner of FShad CPA, Faiq has been practising accounting for over half a decade. With his Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Licensed Public Accountant (LPA) designations, Faiq provides clients with extremely comprehensive tax and assurance advice when it comes to their business transactions. Working with a broad range of clients including large multi-national corporations, billion-dollar funds & portfolio’s, local private businesses, and non-profit organizations. Faiq provides guidance in areas of both income tax and audit. Faiq also assists clients during the CRA audit, reassessments, and the objection stage of tax dispute process.

In addition to Faiq’s tax practice, he regularly teaches clients personal finance and financial literacy to make more sound decisions for their business and personal decisions.

Prior to starting FShad CPA, Faiq gained his wealth of experience working at top international accounting firms and local mid-size accounting practices. Faiq used his understanding and professional experience to start FShad CPA to provide clients the best of both worlds, Experience of local practice with the efficiency of international firms.

Industry Insight

Faiq has extensive experience assisting owner manager businesses as an accountant, friend and growing up in a family of immigrants and successful entrepreneurs. With this background, Faiq appreciates the value of providing relevant, efficient, and easy-English advice to assist clients in making the best overall decision of their business and their family.

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Area of Practice

Assurance, Tax

Tax Planning

Tax Dispute Resolution & Personal Finance

Year of Membership

Ontario, 2020


Wilfrid Laurier University | BA (Hons.) | Economics & Accounting


Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

Licensed Professional Accountant (LPA)

Professional Affiliations

Chartered Professional Accountants Canada

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario