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What keeps me going every day? Your uplifted spirits. Seriously. My mission is to empower small businesses to flourish, providing them with customized financial advice, steadfast support, and a proactive approach – allow me to get you there.

A bit about me

Meet Faiq, the founder of FShad CPA, boasting over five years of accounting experience. Holding both Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Licensed Public Accountant (LPA) credentials, Faiq offers clients comprehensive tax and assurance advice for business transactions. He serves a diverse client base, including multinational corporations, billion-dollar funds, local businesses, and nonprofits, guiding them through income tax, audit, CRA audits, reassessments, and tax dispute objections. Beyond taxes, Faiq empowers clients with personal finance and financial literacy education. Prior to founding FShad CPA, he gained valuable experience at international and local accounting firms, now blending local practice charm with international efficiency at his firm.

Area of Practice

Assurance, Corporate Taxation, Tax Planning, Tax Dispute Resolution & Personal Finance

Year of Membership

Ontario, 2020


Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)
Licensed Professional Accountant (LPA)

Professional Affiliations

Chartered Professional Accountants Canada
Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario


Wilfrid Laurier University | BA (Hons.) | Economics & Accounting
Wilfrid Laurier University | Graduate Diploma in Accounting

Faiq Shad Portrait

Industry Insight

Faiq has extensive experience assisting owner-manager businesses as an accountant, and friend and growing up in a family of immigrants and successful entrepreneurs. With this background, Faiq appreciates the value of providing relevant, efficient, and easy-English advice to assist clients in making the best overall decision of their business and their family.

Why I started FShad

I began this journey with a powerful dream: to transform how we work by embracing technology and leaving behind old human errors. My mission is to support a new generation of bold entrepreneurs and the ever-changing industries they’re part of.

My unwavering focus has been to cut out the time-consuming paperwork, allowing me to promptly assist my clients where it truly matters.

It’s a bit personal

From day one, we’re here to listen, understand, and cater to your unique needs. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a seasoned industry player, our goal remains the same: to offer a helping hand that guides you through the financial ups and downs of life.

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