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Tax Write-Offs for OnlyFans Creators

You can make a living if you have a talent for creating content in writing, videography, photography, design, or social media. And if you’re making money as a content creator, you should keep records of your company expenditures to deduct those costs from your taxable income and retain more of what you earn. You must […]

OnlyFans Taxes for Canadians

Curious to know how the Canadian tax system applies to OnlyFans (OF)? Generally, you are responsible for paying your portion of income tax if you have joined OnlyFans as a performer and have begun earning money. Whether making $10 or $100,000 on the site, you must record it to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as […]

Buying or Leasing an Automobile in a Canadian Corporation

Article Key Takeaways Corporation automobiles are often used for different purposes, varying on the income and taxable benefits between personal use or business use Taxable benefits are found on T4 slips and deducted from payroll Charges and costs depend on the employer’s method of financing the automobile The mileage use influences on the benefits applied […]