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Standing by you through
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Standing by you through
thick and thin.

FShad CPA accounting firm striving to make every client feel at ease when it comes to their business. We aim to help reach your business goals using our accounting, tax & bookkeeping services. We are committed to providing the best service in Woodbridge, Vaughan  & GTA.

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Our qualified CPA are here to help with your accounting needs whether you need professional personalized touch with financial reporting & financial statements, accounting, assurance or simply just with personal finances.

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Working efficiently and diligently at corporate taxes

Tax & Accounting Services In Woodbridge, Vaughan & GTA

FShad CPA is a one-stop shop for all your accounting needs. From taxes to audits, we have you covered with our experienced team of professionals who know how difficult navigating the Canadian business world can be! Our Professionals stand out from its competitors with the high level of specialized services that they offer. From corporate tax returns to international and real estate taxes, We are your one-stop-shop for all matters taxation-related!

Full Service Accounting Firm

Frees Up Valuable Time: Stop wasting time on tedious and boring bookkeeping tasks, use those precious hours to generate sales and grow your business.

Bookkeeping Is Not Easy: bookkeeping is often seen as a tedious task – one that requires time and effort to learn. One software company, in particular, has been marketing their product with slogans like “It only takes an hour!” while it really does take years for some people just getting started out.

Helps To Run The Business: A good bookkeeper can help you manage your business better. They prepare financial reports, which is the backbone of any well-run company and they are responsible for teaching their clients how to read them in order to make smart decisions that will improve their bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a CPA do?

CPAs (Chartered Professional Accountants) provide a range of financial services, including tax preparation, auditing, financial planning, and consulting to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

What do you mean by year-end taxes?

Put simply, most small businesses do not require monthly reports on their sales and expenses which would require monthly bookkeeping. Year-end taxes allows business owners to figure out their financials at end of the year to file their tax return and pay their tax liability

What do you need from me to get business taxes done?

Simple, as new clients we only require three things from you 1) Articles of Incorporation 2) Previously filed tax return 3) Bank statements for fiscal year in PDF format. Simple right? Yep, that’s all we will handle the rest

How do CPAs charge for their services?

CPAs typically charge fees based on various factors, including the complexity of the work, the time involved, and the specific services required. Some offer flat fees, while others charge hourly rates. Most important factor is the time we spend on each file.

Do you need copies of receipts and invoices for my taxes?

Nope! receipts and invoices can be the CRA which must be maintained for up to 6 years in case they request to review your business. We only require copies of the bank statements or a schedule provided by you

How do you handle personal tax returns?

We assist corporate clients with personal taxes, emphasizing tax planning for incorporated business owners. Our electronic processes streamline the management and filing of personal taxes. Personal tax services are exclusively offered to our corporate clients and their partners, ensuring a personalized touch come tax time.

Do you accept walk-ins for personal taxes?

Our primary focus at FShad CPA is to help corporate businesses with their accounting needs. For simple tax returns such as T4 slips we recommend using over-the-counter tax preparation software. If you have questions regarding your personal taxes or investments, we will be happy to advise you

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